About the project

The online museum of wooden architecture of Chernihiv is a part of a larger project called the Wooden Lace of Chernihiv, which aims at stopping the mindless demolishing of the city's historical wooden buildings and restoring people's love and respect for them.

We are fully responsible for everything what happens around us. It is our duty to preserve the unique gems of wooden architecture that are being distorted and torn down in front of our eyes on a daily basis. If we don't protect the legacy of the past, what future do we deserve?

The team

Stanislav Ivashchenko
Founder & Project Manager
Tetiana Romaniuk
Leonid Skrypka
Backend Developer
Oleksii Samoilenko
Frontend Developer
Anatolii Novak
Natalie Skorokhod
Media expert
Serhiy Boiko
Assoc. Prof. at the Department of Machine Building and Wood Processing Technologies (CPNU)
Oleksandr Puskov
Public Relations